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We are changing the world of Data Visualization and people are getting excited about it. Click below to read further!

ZDNet: Data visualization via VR and AR: How we’ll interact with tomorrow’s data

BusinessWire: Virtualitics Announces New Software Release That Unlocks Key Insights Through AI and Immersive Visualization

Forbes: Top 10 Higher Education and Research Sessions at GTC 2019

Yahoo Finance: Tech entrepreneurs to debut breakthrough solutions at eighth annual Fintech Innovation Lab in New York

Venture Beat: Virtualitics raises $7 million to bring mixed reality and big data to the sci-fi future

Yahoo Finance: Virtualitics Closes $7 Million Series B to Unlock Big Data Insights for Global Companies

TechCrunch: Virtualitics grabs another $7M in funding to drive its VR data visualization platform

Venture Beat: Mixed reality analytics presents a multibillion dollar opportunity

Forbes: How VR And AR Will Change How We Visualize Data

InsideBIGDATA: Virtualitics: Caltech & NASA Scientists Build VR/AR Analytics Platform using AI & Machine Learning?

The Register: AR/VR in Data visualization: can it ever be useful to our puny human minds?

BuiltinLA: How this Pasadena startup is using VR and machine learning to help companies analyze data

TechCrunch: Virtualitics raises $4.4 million to power its Excel for VR

UploadVR: Hands-On With Virtualitics: Data Visualization Software Which Raised $4.4 Million

Yahoo Finance: VR/AR Data Visualization and Analytics Pioneer, Virtualitics, Raises $4.4 Million Series A

Venture Beat: VR analytics startup Virtualitics raises $4.4 million

Financial Times: How to make 3D charts great again: Virtual Reality offers new way to visualize data

Wall Street Journal: Virtual Reality’s Next Frontier is… Visuals for Data Science?

Fortune Term Sheet: Venture Deals

UploadVR: NASA and Caltech Alums Raise $3 Million to Create the Microsoft Excel of VR

Yahoo Finance: Virtualitcs Launch as First Platform to Merge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Virtual Augmented Reality

Haptic.al: Virtual reality data visualization company Virtualitics raises $3 million USD

Road to VR: NASA & Caltech Leaders Aim to Revolutionise Big Data Visualization with VR

Futurism: Here’s All the Proof You Need That Technology Is Utterly Transforming Our Society

Shack15 The Data Science Hub: US Startup Virtualitics Transforms Data into Virtual Worlds

socalTECH: Virtualitics Raises $3M For AR/VR/AI Startup

SiliconANGLE: Using virtual reality to make Big Data analysis as immersive as games

36kr (China): Understand big data easier, VR/AR data analytics startup Virtualitics acquired 3 millions seed round funding

Holographica (Russia): Virtualitics platform for analyzing large data BP and others raised $ 3 million

Go Glasses (France): Virtualitics: NASA and Caltech on the road to visualization of Big Data in virtual reality

VR Inside (Japan): Release of VR statistical analysis application “Virtualitics” to visualize patterns found by AI in VR space

VRodo (Germany): Virtualitics uses Virtual Reality to elicit Big Data secrets

El Mon (Spain): Virtualitics, fer visible l’invisible

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