VIP - Virtualitics Immersive Platform™

Insights made easy

An analytics platform designed for everyone

Application available on multiple platforms


Virtual Reality


Easy-to-use machine learning

Simply drag and drop to run sophisticated routines in just a few clicks: Smart Mapping, clustering, anomaly detection, PCA, and more.

Multidimensional visualizations

Understand relationships in your data using AI-driven visualizations, state-of-the-art 3D plots and geospatial features.

Cutting edge presentations

Our virtual office creates an interactive and collaborative environment, perfect for communicating and sharing insights with stakeholders across business units.

Fully integrated API

Our Python API lets you integrate VIP into any workflow with ease. Analyze machine learning models and create interactive visualizations in single commands.

Cross-platform application

Switch seamlessly between desktop and VR for effective analysis and collaboration.

Data science advisory

Engage our experts to help you maximize the value of our platform.