Advanced analytics

VIP – Virtualitics Immersive Platform™ is a commercial platform that enables users to quickly discover insights into their data, through a combination of embedded artificial intelligence and high-dimensional visualization, while traditional BI tools focus on reporting and simple analysis.

  • Runs on Desktop and Virtual Reality environments
  • Easy-to-use embedded Machine Learning routines help users quickly find key insights in complex data
  • Novel plot types allow users to unlock the power of  high-dimensional visualizations
  • Users can collaborate with their team in real time through our SVO – Shared Virtual Office™, build VR dashboards, share findings


Smart Mapping, anomaly detection, clustering, PCA and many other easy-to-use embedded routines are available in our platform to help you quickly find key insights.


In the real world, data analysis involves understanding relationships simultaneously between many different variables, not just two. So why limit yourself with just 2D visualization?


Use our Virtual Office to collaborate with other users, create VR dashboards and build an effective storytelling of your discoveries. Findings can also be easily shared using the capture tool.


Virtualitics: Immerse yourself in your data!

Learn how to use our new Python API

Working at Virtualitics



“Virtualitics has not only helped us to save time but has allowed us to seamlessly identify critical business insights that have generated tangible book-value for our supply chain customers. Their embedded advanced machine learning features, combined with an immersive & collaborative 3D/VR environment, represent an excellent and unique mixture of customization.”

Dr. Alban Quillaud
VP Digital Innovation & Analytics

Cedars Sinai

“The Virtualitics platform and team utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning has provided our clinical scientific group immersive visualization and a true collaborative and precise analysis of our data. This approach has been transformative and has helped facilitate the development of clinical guidelines, consensus documents and new study design.”

Bert R. Mandelbaum MD DHL (Hon)
Co-Director of Sports Medicine, Dpt of Orthopaedic Surgery