Michael Amori

CEO / CO-Founder

Michael Amori has 14 years of experience in quantitative finance. For seven years of his career in finance, he was a Managing Director and head of a quantitative trading group focused on insurance markets at Deutsche Bank. His trading group structured and executed several multi-billion dollar transactions, some of the largest insurance and pensions risk transfer transactions ever done. He also managed a team of 25 people, mostly mathematicians, data scientists and computer scientists, with staff in New York, London and India. Designed the group’s data science and risk management systems. Helped develop various mathematical models for quantifying and trading insurance risks. Lead author in published paper on insurance markets. Speaker at various industry seminars and conferences.

Previously was interest rates derivatives trader at various large banks. Michael was also a researcher in nanotechnology at Caltech, where he contributed to two papers and obtained one patent. The patent is related to a quantitative method for determination of target molecules in the context of nanotechnology devices applied to medical research.

Michael is interested in science education, especially for early childhood, as a way to reduce inequality. He is a member of the Board of Caltech’s Computer Science Department (IST division) , a member of the Board of Caltech’s Finance and Economics Department (HSS division), a member of the Board of the Pasadena Math Academy, judge at the LA County Junior High Physics Science Fair, member of the Board of an early childhood STEM school in Los Angeles. He has an MBA from Harvard, an MS in Applied Physics from Caltech, and a BS in Physics with honors from Columbia University.