Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Faster & Better Data-Driven Decisions

Our mission is to enable better & faster data-driven decisions, thus shaping a better world. Virtualitics technology is based on 10 years of research at Caltech and NASA/JPL. The team has published hundreds of papers in AI and data visualization.

Our three AI products integrate easily into any existing tech stack & can be deployed as a package or individually for complete flexibility.

Data Fusion & Preprocessing

Predictive AI Modeling

Data Visualization & Collaboration

VIP - Virtualitics Immersive Platform®

AI-Driven Data Visualization & Collaboration in VR & Desktop

A patented AI-driven data analytics & 3D visualization platform that lets anyone, at the click of a button, get actionable insights from complex data faster than with traditional data analytics tools.


Automated Preprocessing & Data Fusion

Our advanced diagnostics module merges data from multiple sources, & automatically detects data quality issues eliminating complexities during data preparation & fusion.


Predictive AI Modeling & Explainability

Put the power of predictive modeling to work for your business. Leverage our advanced machine learning techniques & team of data scientists & engineers to drive decision making & influence outcomes.

Shared Virtual Office

Connect, Collaborate, & Share in Desktop or Virtual Reality

A component of the Virtualitics Immersive Platform, our shared virtual office creates an interactive & collaborative environment, perfect for communicating & sharing insights.

Virtualitics work is based on 10 years of research at Caltech, NASA/JPL & is supported by hundreds of published papers in AI & data visualizations

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FOX News Interview


USAF Global Strike Command

“…Virtualitics created some local models for us of the counties surrounding each of our bases. They took that national data and really gave us some predictive models. What turned out is that we started tracking their predictions and then we went back and tracked how accurate they were. Who goes back and grades the Weather Channel’s paper, right? Whether they got it right? But we started to grade this [ML model], and it was incredibly accurate, certainly more than accurate enough for us to make very timely decisions.”

General Timothy Ray
Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command

United States Air Force

In an interview on 13 March 2020, Dr. William Roper, Air Force Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, awarded Virtualitics a long-term contract (the first-ever Strategic Fund Increase Award)  and selected  Virtualitics in the list of 21 ‘big bet’ companies which may help the United States “maintain its edge over global competitors.”

Dr. William Roper
Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics