Wall Street Journal features Virtualitics

Press room

We are changing the world of Data Visualization and people are getting excited about it. Click below to read further! Venture Beat: Virtualitics raises $7 million to bring mixed reality […]

Why Does (immersive) Data Visualization Matter?

“Our ability to capture data exceeds our ability to make meaning of it” This is especially true nowadays where most companies face the challenge of huge amounts of data coming […]

Rising Stars at Founders Forum

For a new company just starting out, we’ve been fortunate in so many ways here at Virtualitics. An example of that was when we were invited to attend the Founders Forum […]

24 Hours of Data

Recently Virtualitics had a flashback to our college years thanks to an all-nighter, pizza delivery, Redbull and Twizzlers (well, maybe not the Twizzlers). We put together two teams to participate […]

VR Goes to Work

With the main focus of the current wave of Virtual Reality being games and entertainment, it’s easy to forget that VR was originally created for more practical reasons. After surveying […]

Vertical Startup: Winning with Analytics

Starting in January, 2010, I was presented with a unique opportunity from Bob McDonald, P&G CEO – one of the most principled & purpose driven men I’ve had the privilege […]

The Real Picture: Big Data in Virtual Reality

Imagine you are walking through a luscious tropical garden, with many different kinds of fruits, plants and animals. All around you there is a wide range of colors, textures, sizes […]

How I met Virtualitics

It’s been hard not to talk about this with friends and family for the last year, but I knew we had to wait for the big moment – after all, […]

Entering the Future

Knowledge is power – but extracting a useful knowledge from the data is not always easy. We live at an extraordinary time. Information technology is transforming essentially every aspect of […]