AI+VR through the eyes of a marketer

I come from a world of storytelling and a place where you constantly hear “content is king”… so when I stepped into a new role at Virtualitics I wondered how data could help me transform the insights I was looking at into an actionable content strategy plan.

I never expected that I would see data the way I get to visualize it through our VIP – Virtualitics Immersive Platform and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. Data is really complex on its own. It’s always been represented or perceived by me as a series of excel grids and complex reporting that I put to the side to think about later and never really made it a priority in my overall planning (whether I was working in social media, consumer marketing, or traditional media). We would often take away the very top level information that would have an immediate impact.

For the most part though, I would go to the data/research and analytics team at the organizations I worked for and have them translate what the data meant. We would discuss how to engage with customers better moving forward, ways to increase registration for our streaming service or look at overall sentiment analysis. Never did we use data as a roadmap for our content planning at the time or have the ability like we do now to visualize it in 3D.


3D Globe


3D Visualization

For example, think about Fandango/AMC Theaters and ticket sales data. Imagine visualizing all of the patterns and finding hidden insights in the data around specific locations, overall buyer behavior, food sales, etc and what you could do with those insights – and specifically key insights that are hidden underneath all the data. The possibilities seem endless and the opportunities to increase revenue with those learnings would be invaluable.

Exploring data requires seeing how many different metrics are interacting simultaneously – with Virtualitics, you can see more insights in the data, and naturally find visual patterns that are hidden across multiple dimensions. It’s really impressive and this is coming from someone who has for the most part been a content creator. I now find myself immersed in data analytics- wanting to know more and needing to know more so that I can understand behavioral patterns. To aid exploration, especially for non-data scientists like myself, the Virtualitics embedded AI recommends the most insightful data visualizations. Tableau and other traditional data visualization tools do not recommend what to map- they provide their own value, but our AI does that- and I believe sets us apart from the rest.

Immersive visualization has taken my thoughts around data and content to a whole new level. I love reading posts from data scientists and researchers- the depth of knowledge that they have is incredible. For me though, I don’t have that data science/research background, and the tool that we have allows me to be able to drag and drop, find key insights without any additional help and paint a picture (not literally paint) but paint a picture in VR with my team that lets me visually understand and create a greater path to success.

The shared VR office is incredible with custom environments that enable users who may be geographically dispersed and challenged by that distance to collaborate and present insights in their data much more effectively than a traditional screen-share experience. Where was this tool when I was working with teams in Helsinki, Korea and London? When customer acquisition was the main goal with weekly discussions and skype used to cut out every ten minutes- this was the solution that I needed. The VR solution would have been not only incredible but a game changer in terms of what we could do together while living in all different parts of the world. We have definitely come a long way.

Shared Virtual Office 

From all the acquisitions and developments around AI solutions recently, Virtualitics has really made an impact on me and not just because I work here- but because I can only imagine what I could do with it as a marketer at a studio, ad agency, or CPG. The information that I can extrapulate from the platform and use to create a soundproof content plan is unreal. It’s transformational. I’ve seen it with our current clients and I can see the impact it can have as we move forward into a more technology driven culture. I’m really quite proud of the team I work with and the value that they have created for people like myself who are just beginning to scratch the surface of what you can do with AI+VR. Request a free trial!

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