Machine Learning and Immersive Visualization

Get faster insights through AI+VR

VIP – Virtualitics Immersive Platform  merges AI and VR to provide a unique way to find and share key insights. Collaborate with your team in both Desktop and Virtual Reality, seamlessly switching between the two environments.


smart mapping

AI-driven analytics

VIP covers the needs of both data scientists and business analysts by increasing their productivity and quickly unlocking the power of sophisticated machine learning routines.

Find key insights for a target of interest, anomalies, clusters and much more using our embedded, easy-to-use, machine learning routines.

Automatically generate and recommend optimal visualizations coupled with insights in plain English.

Seamlessly integrate VIP into your tech stack and with your favorite tools using the new Python API.

Link outside AI models: explain the AI “black box”.

Next gen data visualization

In complex data sets, meaningful insights are “hidden” across many dimensions and companies are struggling to get them using conventional BI tools. VIP gaps this bridge, allowing users to fully benefit from AI-driven analysis coupled with immersive visualization.

Build compelling high-dimensional visualizations to better understand and share the insights found.

Easy interaction allows users to quickly recognize patterns embedded in high-dimensional plots.

Meet with your team worldwide in our SVO – Shared Virtual Office , to analyze data together and build a story around your findings.

Virtualitics: Immerse yourself in your data!

Learn how to use the new Python API

Working at Virtualitics


Columbia Medical Center

“The Virtualitics team’s insightfulness in looking at healthcare data from several advantage points has accelerated our analytics. They rapidly dived into the data, explored it with very open-mind and at the end showed a thorough understanding of the challenges in both the technical and medical realms.”

Dr. Simon Cheng
Program Director of Radiation Oncology


“Virtualitics has not only helped us to save time but has allowed us to seamlessly identify critical business insights that have generated tangible book-value for our supply chain customers. Their embedded advanced machine learning features, combined with an immersive & collaborative 3D/VR environment, represent an excellent and unique mixture of customization.”

Dr. Alban Quillaud
VP Digital Innovation & Analytics